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Bursting with anger, MJ refuses to go to bed. 


With the help of her two moms, her dog Skye, and cat Indie, she learns how to navigate friendships at a young age and gets to the bottom of her big emotions.

Now available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook. 

To make this book accessible to more kids and double as a tool for learning, it has also been translated into Spanish.

About Angry Pants

This story was written to help introduce parents and children to a simplified approach to topics that require big talks. The practice of rhyming not only makes reading (and being read to) more enjoyable and memorable, it also makes talking about difficult emotions not so scary.

The greatest gift we can offer children is to set them up for success in life with healthy minds and hearts to navigate this hard world.

What People Are Saying About Angry Pants

Being a mother of five, I can vouch for the relatability of this story. It is important to teach children how to cope with these feelings in a way that they can understand. The rhyming and colorful illustrations make it captivating and enjoyable to read. Extra bonus for being bilingual and inclusive for all family types. 

Michelle C.

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